Sky Care MEDIA just launched 3 new Skilled Nursing Facility Websites this week!

Yes, that’s correct: 3 of them.

We didn’t tell this client that we needed to charge him 10k, 8k, 7k, 0r even 4k, for his 7-8 page website.

We also didn’t try to convince him that he’d need to take out a home equity line of credit to build his site, since we’d need to conduct a “deep dive discovery” into the bowels of the internet and consumer psyche, to determine the “personality of his business” and therefore the demographic and median age we would be targeting. We didn’t feed him with any such psychobabble. That stuff is all good for a Steve Irwin Documentary on the Discovery Channel.

We also didn’t make him fill out a questionnaire in advance, to determine his preferences and interests and whether he has an “inny” or an “outty” (ok, ok, I’m exaggerating just a wee bit, but you get my drift), so that we’d know how to fashion 3 gorgeous websites to do justice to his brand.

We didn’t try to sell him on a professional copywriter to charge upwards of 5k just for 7 pages of web copy, because only he/she would know how to properly articulate the fact that they offer cardiac rehab and telemedicine, or how best to “convey” the telephone and fax number on their contact page, in the most “compelling,” “engaging” and “user friendly” way.

Don’t wanna pay $6000 for your SNF website and then another 5k on top of that to hire a copywriter?

Don’t wanna pay $5000?

Don’t wanna pay $4500?

Don’t wanna pay $4000?

Then call me and let my team create magic for you for less.

You shouldn’t need to pay for that stuff, AFTER you’ve already developed your brand and simply need a website.

You should develop your brand identity BEFORE you build your website and then be familiar enough with your brand, so that you are able to articulate it properly to your website developer, who will then execute accordingly.

If you don’t know enough about the personality of your business, then you’re not ready for a website, in my opinion.

Check out these 3 sister sites we just launched this week:


Call me now. Thank me later.

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