So why is Sky Care Media unique?

What makes us different than your typical marketing firm?

The answer is simple.

We know your business. We know healthcare and the challenges of building and maintaining a vibrant census in healthcare facilities.

Traditional and even digital marketing firms who decide to be everywhere at the same time, usually wind up being nowhere.

I hear the same commercials you do re: “online reputation defenders” and the like.

Everyone promises the world, but very few actually deliver.

I’ve always dabbled in digital and online marketing.

I did it for 13 years in the diamond industry in a family business, building and sustaining an e-commerce platform for selling loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings and jewelry.

My family still sells diamonds and jewelry via the website we built, at

Then I got into healthcare.

I’ve always had an affinity for people and for helping people.

A career in healthcare beckoned and I got my first chance from a man I greatly admire and a true visionary in healthcare.

I brought my talent and acumen to his business and built out a robust online presence for his multiple healthcare facilities.

I took control of his reputation management, social media, SEM/SEO, blogging and lead generation, efforts. Actually, I didn’t ‘take control,’ I actually BUILT IT for him from scratch.

I did so well with it, I ultimately decided to do it on a grand scale for the industry.

Nobody has a better handle on this industry online and how to achieve 5 stars online and full market penetration and saturation, than I do.

Contact me for a free consultation.

It will be the best investment of your time that you’ll ever make!

Warm Regards,


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