Virtual Videos & brochures

promote your facility with our stunning videos

An interactive and compelling promotional video clip of your nursing facility is the most dynamic and interesting way to grab the attention of your clients and close the sale.

SkyCare has partnered with an industry leader in cinematography to create stunning videos of your facilities, utilizing the latest in technology, including on-site aerial drone photography and interviews with your administrators and staff.

We publish your videos on social media and watch them go viral, while your admissions team and hospital liaisons market them in-house.

Watch the specialty hospital video!

Specialty Hospital Central NJ Video

use our video brochures to close sales and fill your beds

Imagine your prospective clients, your hospital social workers, or primary physicians opening your video brochure to see and hear your customized message talking directly to them about what makes your facility unique and why they should choose you.

Our video brochures are fully customized, inside and out, to match your messaging and branding, with screens ranging from 3”-10” and a host of other useful features.

Hand out your video brochure to your walk-in tours and your referral sources and watch your census grow!