In this current climate, many healthcare marketing agencies have placed COVID-19 policy updates on their client sites and have sent email updates on their behalf as well.
We do this for our clients too. To be sure, it adds value. However, it is not without its limitations.
The fact is, not every family goes online to visit the facility website when they have questions or concerns and not everyone has access to emails or bothers finding/reading them from their stack of stuff.

Text Messaging.

Text messaging is an entirely different approach.
EVERYONE reads their texts, instantly.
So we bought into a specialized platform which allows us to send mass text messages on behalf of our clients. All they need to do is supply us with a download of mobile numbers available on their face sheets and accessible via Sigma, PCC, etc.
Just as your collected email addresses are presumably HIPAA compliant, your collected mobile numbers should be too.
Our clients supply us with the verbiage and we blast out the text message, which appears as if it is coming directly from them.
If you’re not already one of our clients and your own marketing agency isn’t yet offering you this added value service, ask them to do so.
Thank me later.

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