Attn SNF owners, operators and Administrators:

It’s an awesome idea (if you’re not already implementing this) to have your Admissions Director (or other department heads) collect emails from EVERY conceivable person with a connection to your facility (patients, families, vendors, doctors, social workers, etc).

You should then leverage these emails by sending out a compelling, engaging and occasional e-blast (use the Constant Contact platform because they offer excellent email segmentation), touting your accomplishments, initiatives and programs.

You will build your census this way, I promise!

“Out of sight, out of mind.”

If you’ve recently introduced a niche clinical program, or Telemedicine, or made extensive renovations to the physical plant, etc. you NEED to SHOUT it from the rooftops.

How do you do that most effectively nowadays?

Not by having you marketer drive to 4 locations over an entire exhausting day to promote the gospel to 10 people.

Not by creating a fancy print brochure or newsletter for oodles of money, to place on the coffee table in the lobby of your facility, where only your existing clientele will see it and not those new customers you are looking to cultivate.

You do this via an e-blast.

It works.

Trust me.

I do it.

Make money today.

Thank me later.

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