“Sears Holdings, whose presence permeated American life for generations, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection early Monday in a last-ditch attempt to avoid entombment in the graveyard of once-great retailers that failed to adapt to the digital age.”

Sears is yet another example of an old, obsolete and irrelevant Dinosaur on the verge of wafting off into the dustbin of history.

Sears was powerful in its time and was deservedly credited for changing the way Americans shopped. However, they couldn’t adapt and now they are gone.

The next generation of shoppers won’t even recognize the name, much the same way our kids don’t recognize a payphone.

The moral of the story is that if you cannot adapt and evolve with the changing landscape, you are as good as done.

It’s why I love what we do at Sky Care MEDIA.

We help the healthcare industry adapt and evolve.

Our Digital Kiosk is part of that revolution.

Don’t be Sears.

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