Trying to maximize census in your Skilled Nursing Facility in 2018, with a horrible online reputation, is like trying to run with an ingrown toenail.

It hurts like hell and it won’t work.

I’ve been there and done that – on both sides of the equation.

Don’t like my analogy because it’s too raw and the ingrown toenail reference makes you cringe?

If you are a nursing facility and you’re being excoriated incessantly on your Google business page and elsewhere, it looks a whole lot worse than an ingrown toenail, believe me.

When a local nail salon chips a nail and gets flamed on Yelp, it doesn’t sting nearly as much as a review from a vindictive and distraught daughter who takes to to warn folks against your facility because you “killed her mother,” regardless of whether or not her claim has merit.

Wanna ensure your Medicare census for short term rehab remains in the single digits and your Medicaid census cannot pick up the slack?

Then remain an Ostrich with your head buried in the sand together with your profits.

A horrible online reputation will SINK your census, faster than your 3 star CMS rating.

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