We are excited to launch the newly completed website we created for our friends at Horizon Health and Subacute of Fresno California.

About Horizon Health and Sub-Acute

Horizon Healthcare offers a continuum of post-acute care, driven by people caring for others. We care about our residents, their families and one another. Our core values and family culture compel us to provide compassionate care and achieve quality outcomes. Each day is centered around these themes, and each member of our team arrives with a renewed dedication to our family.

At Horizon Health & Subacute Center we strive to center the care and services we provide around restoring the individual to their best health possible, driven by proven clinical intelligence provided by loving, caring hands. Taking care of the people who have entrusted their care to us is our mission. Our treatment philosophy creates an environment that includes animals, plants and children because they stimulate and enhance the quality of life.

Contact us at: https://horizonhealthfresno.com/

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