This is one of the most exciting web projects we’ve been involved in and we are proud to be a part of it!

Welcome to the SNF Spotlight Series, hosted by a unique and talented team of healthcare specialists!

The SNF Spotlight Series will offer its audience a chance to meet leaders of the senior care industry and skilled nursing facilities in particular.

Their carefully curated selection of video interviews, podcasts, and articles will feature owners, operators and administrators of major nursing homes, rehab centers and related healthcare agencies.

Here is a sample podcast they recently hosted with Mordy Eisenberg of Tapestry Health

Here is a video interview they recently conducted with Paul Zappoli, COO of Montgomery Place Senior Living Community in Hyde Park IL, on the topic of “Stopping the Spread of Covid-19”

I’m confident that the SNF Spotlight Series will quickly become a vital platform for provider and consumer empowerment in the healthcare space!

If you are a healthcare provider and wish to be featured on an upcoming podcast or video, click on THIS LINK to contact the SNF Spotlight team!

Visit SNF Spotlight Series online at:

SNF Spotlight Series

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