Sky Care MEDIA – Digital Marketing for Healthcare Providers – For Immediate Release.

In addition to our already unrivaled digital marketing program for healthcare providers, I am pleased to announce that we are now in the midst of finalizing plans to launch into the SMS space for automated online reputation management, via text messaging and automated emails!

We felt it was time to incorporate this technology into our program, so that we could remain the most robust digital marketing program for healthcare providers in the industry and to ensure that our discerning clients remain ahead of the marketing curve far into the future.

We will be adding our clients to this program at no additional costs and will begin to roll it out within the next month across the board.

We will be in-servicing our clients individually on the tremendous potential of this unique platform to add to our comprehensive digital marketing efforts and we are excited to see it begin to work for each of you!

Here are several snapshots of the concept and we invite you all to stay tuned!





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