I’ll cut right to the chase:

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world, particularly in the skilled nursing industry where the task is to care for the most vulnerable of our population; our senior citizens.

While we have always provided our clients with valuable products and services since the very beginning, we have pivoted during these critical times to bring our clients such vital services as peace of mind and compliance.

We have helped our clients adapt to the ever changing healthcare regulations and compliance requirements, while offering their employees, families and residents, safety, security, peace of mind and connectivity.

Here is what we are doing for them and would like to do for you as well!

  1. Maintaining our client websites with daily covid-19 updates and critical information.
  2. Keeping families informed and connected through automated mass text messaging and email blasts.
  3. Leveraging our clients social media pages, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to post photos and videos of resident activities, thereby fostering peace of mind that their loved ones are thriving, not simply surviving.
  4. Offering our proprietary digital kiosk check-in solution to screen families and employees upon entry to the facility in order to be in compliance with CMS regulations during this pandemic.
  5. Creating custom promotional items for our clients to promote their vaccination efforts and the various other happy initiatives undertaken during this critical time.
  6. Designing covid-19 related marketing collateral like flyers, cards, brochures and banners for our clients.
  7. Creating stunning virtual video tours for our clients in order to replace the in-person admissions tour which is no longer possible at this time. We embed these videos on our client websites.

We would like to offer these services to you!

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