They say “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

If you are a nursing home owner and/or operator with an online presence, the “pictures” you present online to the viewing public are beyond critical to your success or failure.

For a change, I am not referring here to your online reputation.

Instead, I am referring to the actual photos you display online (whether on your own website, or on other 3rd party platforms) of your facility.

Showcasing proper and professional photos that do justice to the beauty of your location, is a critical first step in the direction of closing a sale.

You may have the most aesthetically beautiful facility and program, but if your posted online photos stink and do not capture your essence, or properly reflect your brand, you are shooting yourself in the foot – BIG TIME.

If you understand the disaster of having your admissions director take a touring family into a smelly and disgusting looking common area, having families see the same thing on their online virtual tour, is no different.

Flattering online photos of your facility, will help you close sales.

Horrible and shoddy photos will help ensure that you lose sales.

It really is that simple.

I used to think that decent photos were adequate.

I’ve since changed my mind and based upon experience.

If your photos are only amateurish and “passable,” you will lose online sales to your next best competitor with even slightly better photos.

Your photos need to POP.

Sky Care MEDIA has now teamed with a professional photographer who we send to those of our clients who do not have proper photographs, to conduct a full scale photo shoot for online posting to their webpages and platforms.

Esty will be doing a photo shoot today for one of our client facilities located in upstate NY and I’ll follow up in a subsequent blog with a photo collage.

In the meantime, here are several stunning photos of the interior/exterior of several of our client facilities.

These are photos they already had in their collection and were not taken by our photographer. We are using these photos as part of our marketing efforts for these clients and it should be obvious how helpful this type of eye-candy is to the prospective consumer!












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