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We attract
authentic positive reviews

90% of potential clients will research you online before choosing your healthcare facility. So your online reputation will make or break your business.

  • We use premium technology to solicit authentic positive reviews from your happy customers via proprietary techniques, email, and SMS software.

  • We place our pre-loaded smart tablets in your lobby, allowing your visitors to automatically engage with our check-in software. Collect positive reviews in real-time and quickly deal with complaints before they mushroom online.

  • We are immediately notified whenever someone posts a review on ANY site and rapidly and effectively respond.

  • We have a close relationship with the leading review platforms, inluding SeniorAdvisor.com, Caring.com, APlaceForMom.com, Wellness.com and many more.  

  • We're experts in getting unfair reviews removed or suppressed.

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We get you on top of
Google Searches

If you're not ranking for your key search terms on the first page of Google, your customers will never find you. Sky Care MEDIA's SEO team delivers lasting results - so your traffic will continue to grow and grow. 

  • Higher rankings = more traffic

  • More traffic = more sales conversions

  • More sales conversions = YOUR SUCCESS

We build your
popular blog

Sky Care MEDIA will build, write and market your blog to generate increasing traffic to your website. As healthcare insiders, our talented staff writers will craft the relevant completely original articles that Google and your potential customers love.

  • Our staff bloggers are healthcare insiders with expertise on the topics that matter most to you and your potential customers.

  • We write completely original, engaging articles that Google loves - and so will your readers

  • You'll have no more worries about poorly optimized or plagiarized content, which puts you at risk for Google penalties. 

Do you want a lot more customers via the web?

We find your customers
on Social Media

Social media is an essential way to connect with the community and your potential customers. Sky Care will establish an active presence for you on the major networks and engage your growing audience of relevant leads. The families of your current and future clients will get an inside view of all the great things you do. 

  • We build out and manage your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, growing a targeted audience for your updates. 

  • We regularly post fresh, exciting content, including photos of your happenings, inspirational quotes and informative healthcare tips. 

  • We help you attract new quality referrals via social networks. 

We feed your
patient referral goals

The major healthcare referral websites have become one of the most important sources of customer referrals for healthcare facilities. Sky Care MEDIA will make sure that these platforms work for you, so you stand out from the competition and get maximum quality referrals. 

  • We create your stellar presence on the consumer referral sites most used by your customers - ensuring that you stand out. 

  • All referrals will be sent to you via email, while we track overall performance and take steps to steadily increase referrals

  • We have a close relationship with the leading review platforms, inluding SeniorAdvisor.com, Caring.com, APlaceForMom.com, Wellness.com and many more.  

We build websites
that sell for you

An outdated, poorly functioning website makes it so much harder for you to convert your prospects from interested to sold. Sky Care MEDIA makes the process of launching a stunning new website a breeze - and the results will pay off for years to come. Maximum traffic and leads are the goals of your new Sky Care website. 

  • Our sites load fast and look and work great on all kinds of devices - desktop, tablets and mobile. 

  • Our sites are optimized for Google search and social media sharing, so you get maximum traffic for every page.

  • Our advanced lead generation system, click-to-call buttons and calls to action ensure that visitors are converted into hot leads.

Nimisha Dutton Chavan

Judah Gutwein and the team at Sky Care MEDIA are tireless advocates for their healthcare clients, and 100% dedicated to representing their clients online and helping bring the latest in digital marketing to the healthcare space. It is a pleasure to be partnered with Sky Care MEDIA!


Director, RealVoice by A Place for Mom

We design stunning videos
to market your nursing home

An interactive and compelling 1-minute promotional video clip of your nursing facility is the most dynamic and interesting way to grab the attention of your clients and close the sale.

Sky Care has partnered with an industry leader in cinematography, to create stunning video of your facilities, utilizing the latest in technology, including on-site aerial drone photography and interviews with your Administrators and staff.

We publish your videos on social media and watch them go viral, while your admissions team and hospital liaisons market them in-house.

We collect your best online reviews on a custom website
to help you build census

Our micro-sites aggregate your 4 and 5 star reviews from all across the internet and present them in real time on a beautiful web page, designed to look and function independently from the rest of your online domains and pages.

These beautiful and dynamic websites are the rage of our healthcare clients, who have come to rely on them as a major census driver and marketing tool to use in-house and in their hospital and community outreach. Nursing facility Liaisons love visiting their physicians and feeder hospitals to showcase our custom sites embedded on their smart tablets, while Admissions Directors equally love showing off their ratings to touring families and email inquiries.

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