This week Google announced that Google Discover will deliver new content feed features to Google search.

This update promises to let folks, “Discover new information and inspiration with Search, no query required.”

The Google Discover update includes a new design for the Search feed that makes exploring interest easier by uncovering new and interesting content of particular interest to the searcher.

Google Discover gives users customized content feeds even if they have not typed in a search query. Google has not stated whether they intent to tweak the algorithms to pull results from search history to fill up this content feed with relevant and related links.

However, perhaps more telling to many SEO’s is the fact that Google has not specifically stipulated that Discover would NOT use individual search history in order to build your content feed and user experience. Sometimes the clue is in what has been omitted from the release..

In addition to fresh content, Google Discover will deliver evergreen content and more visual content such as videos and images of particular relevance to you. This is part of Google’s ongoing effort and commitment to stay ahead of the curve to feed you with relevant info you haven’t even started looking for yet.

How Does Google Discover Impact SEO?

So, how do you get your content and your business to show up in Google Discover? “Nobody knows,” is the answer. Google Discover is simply too new for the SEO community to figure out the algorithm changes that may/may not impact how businesses are optimized for search via their ‘bread and butter’ terms, keywords and search queries.

For now, we can expect SEO ranking factors to change only negligibly, as search engines understand the deeply personalized interest of its users and the online journey that begins after interacting with the Discover feed.

Stay tuned.

New Google Discover Feed Sequence

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