As a nursing home owner and operator, you will certainly appreciate the need to ensure that your online ratings flatter you not hurt you.

The problem is, your company is made up of many moving parts, including your hundreds of employees who are “in the trenches” each day to actually interact with your patients and families and render the care.

The question is, do they equally appreciate (as you do) how critically important your online reputation is to your bottom line?

The answer to this question has the potential to very well “make, or break” your business (and I’m not being melodramatic).

I am grateful that our friends at the very prestigious healthcare website and resource at, chose to publish my latest article yesterday regarding this very important topic. The true story I share in my article is very instructive and will certainly provide you with food for thought.

I encourage you to read it and would suggest that it will be time well spent.

Click on this link, or on the snapshot below to read my piece.




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